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Club Fixtures & Results: Everton Women


Date Kickoff Home Team Away Team
Wed 3rd Nov 19:00 Leicester City Wfc (W) Everton (W)
Sun 7th Nov 13:00 Everton (W) Brighton (W)
Sun 14th Nov 13:00 Everton (W) Manchester United (W)
Sun 21st Nov 14:00 Leicester City Wfc (W) Everton (W)
Sun 12th Dec 13:00 Everton (W) West Ham (W)
Wed 15th Dec 19:00 Everton (W) Manchester United (W)
Sun 19th Dec 14:00 Tottenham (W) Everton (W)
Sat 8th Jan 12:30 Aston Villa (W) Everton (W)
Sun 16th Jan 13:00 Everton (W) Chelsea (W)
Sun 23rd Jan 15:00 West Ham (W) Everton (W)
Sun 6th Feb 13:00 Everton (W) Reading (W)
Sun 13th Feb 13:00 Everton (W) Aston Villa (W)
Sun 6th Mar 14:00 Manchester City (W) Everton (W)
Sun 13th Mar 13:00 Everton (W) Leicester City Wfc (W)
Sun 27th Mar 13:00 Manchester United (W) Everton (W)
Sun 3rd Apr 15:00 Birmingham (W) Everton (W)
Sun 24th Apr 15:00 Everton (W) Arsenal (W)
Sun 1st May 14:00 Everton (W) Tottenham (W)
Sun 8th May 13:30 Brighton (W) Everton (W)


Date Kickoff Home Team Away Team Result
Wed 13th Oct 19:00 Manchester City (W) Everton (W) 5-1
Sun 10th Oct 15:00 Arsenal (W) Everton (W) 3-0
Sun 3rd Oct 14:00 Reading (W) Everton (W) 0-3
Sat 25th Sep 11:30 Everton (W) Birmingham (W) 3-1
Sun 12th Sep 12:30 Chelsea (W) Everton (W) 4-0
Sat 4th Sep 13:30 Everton (W) Manchester City (W) 0-4
Thu 20th May 19:00 Chelsea (W) Everton (W) 3-0
Sun 9th May 14:30 Manchester United (W) Everton (W) 2-0
Sun 2nd May 13:00 Everton (W) Arsenal (W) 1-2
Sun 25th Apr 15:00 West Ham (W) Everton (W) 0-0
Sun 4th Apr 13:00 Everton (W) Aston Villa (W) 3-1
Sun 28th Mar 12:30 Brighton (W) Everton (W) 0-5
Wed 17th Mar 19:00 Everton (W) Chelsea (W) 0-3
Thu 11th Mar 19:00 Birmingham (W) Everton (W) 0-4
Sun 7th Mar 14:00 Manchester City (W) Everton (W) 1-0
Sun 28th Feb 14:00 Tottenham (W) Everton (W) 2-3
Sun 14th Feb 14:00 Reading (W) Everton (W) 1-1
Sun 7th Feb 14:00 Everton (W) Birmingham (W) 1-1
Sun 31st Jan 14:30 Everton (W) Manchester United (W) 0-2
Sun 17th Jan 13:00 Everton (W) Bristol City (W) 4-0
Sun 20th Dec 12:30 Arsenal (W) Everton (W) 4-0
Wed 16th Dec 19:00 Everton (W) Manchester United (W) 1-0
Sun 6th Dec 14:30 Everton (W) Manchester City (W) 0-3
Wed 18th Nov 19:00 Everton (W) Liverpool (W) 1-0
Sat 14th Nov 16:30 Everton (W) Reading (W) 1-1
Sun 8th Nov 12:00 Chelsea (W) Everton (W) 4-0
Sun 1st Nov 14:30 Everton (W) Manchester City (W) 1-3
Sun 18th Oct 13:00 Everton (W) Brighton (W) 2-2
Sun 11th Oct 13:00 Everton (W) West Ham (W) 3-1
Wed 7th Oct 19:00 Manchester City (W) Everton (W) 3-1
Sat 3rd Oct 12:30 Aston Villa (W) Everton (W) 0-6
Wed 30th Sep 19:15 Birmingham (W) Everton (W) 0-3
Sun 27th Sep 13:00 Everton (W) Chelsea (W) 2-1
Sun 13th Sep 13:00 Everton (W) Tottenham (W) 1-0
Sun 6th Sep 14:00 Bristol City (W) Everton (W) 0-4

Everton Women Latest Fixtures

Date Home Team Away Team
Wed 3rd Nov Leicester City Wfc (W) Everton (W)
Sun 7th Nov Everton (W) Brighton (W)

Everton Women Latest Results

Date Home Team Away Team Result
Wed 13th Oct Manchester City (W) Everton (W) 5-1
Sun 10th Oct Arsenal (W) Everton (W) 3-0

Womens Super League 1
Pos Team Pld Pts
1 Arsenal (W) 5 15
2 Chelsea (W) 5 12
3 Tottenham (W) 5 12
4 Manchester United (W) 5 10
5 Brighton (W) 5 9
6 West Ham (W) 5 8
7 Aston Villa (W) 5 7
8 Everton (W) 5 6
9 Manchester City (W) 5 4
10 Reading (W) 5 3
11 Birmingham (W) 5 1
12 Leicester City Wfc (W) 5 0

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